G.A.N.G. LIFE Television Program

Pastor Max Garza heads a diverse range of ministries, including the G.A.N.G. Christian Youth Ministry, through his position as the head of Victory Outreach Church in Portland, Oregon. As pastor of the church, Max Garza also belongs to the nonprofit organization Victory Outreach International.

In the fall of 2014, Victory Outreach International launched a project known as the G.A.N.G. LIFE television program. This project grew out of the organization’s G.A.N.G. Christian Youth Ministry, which stands for God’s Anointed Now Generation. Victory Outreach International itself has touched lives of young people across the world since its founding by Sonny Arguinzoni, Sr., in 1967.

The G.A.N.G. LIFE television program airs through the JUCE TV network on cable or satellite, as well as online at JUCETV.Org and through an app for the iPhone and iPad. The show focuses on providing inspiring stories of real young people across the country who come from a diverse range of backgrounds.


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