Victory Outreach International and the United Women in Ministry

Pastor Max Garza has spent more than two decades at the Victory Outreach Church of Portland in Portland, Oregon. During his time in Portland, Pastor Max Garza has engaged in a variety of church and community programs and is also a member of Victory Outreach International.

On March 3, Victory Outreach International will host the 2015 Women’s Convention at the Ontario Convention Center in California. The event serves as a focal point for the United Women in Ministry, a group established by Victory Outreach International co-founder Julie Arguinzoni.

The United Women in Ministry operates with a vision of encouraging all women to serve as disciples of Christ. The group further seeks to uphold what it feels are the duties of all Christians in regard to spreading the word of God and evangelizing underserved communities throughout the world.

Additional goals of United Women in Ministry include inspiring spiritual growth in women, providing mentorship services to Christian women, and communicating with other departments of the church on women’s matters.