Victory Outreach Portland Christian Recovery Home

Fellowship and Support at Victory Outreach Church

Pastor Max Garza has led Victory Outreach Church in Portland, Oregon, since 1991. Using his resources, Pastor Max Garza founded three faith-based recovery homes, as well as a number of church-based fellowship groups.

Victory Outreach provides opportunities for people of all ages to nurture relationships with Christianity and one another. One of the church’s key programs, the Victory Outreach Portland Christian Recovery Home, offers spiritual and emotional support for individuals with a history of substance abuse. Each live-in program helps residents to continue their recovery process while learning the skills needed to become independent, self-supporting members of society. Clergy members, volunteers, and paraprofessionals work together to counsel each resident free of charge.

Members of Victory Outreach also welcome one another to ministry groups targeted at each member’s life stage. The Kidz G.A.N.G. (God’s Anointed Next Generation) and Youth G.A.N.G. (God’s Anointed Now Generation) ministries allow young people to grow spiritually with their peers, while the ministries for young adults, married couples, women, and men continue fellowship into adulthood. Older adults enjoy volunteer opportunities with Second Wind Ministry, while musically inclined members of many different ages serve others in the church’s Music Ministry.